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European Design: Mediterranean Europe, source and inspiration of CONSNOVA Barcelona, a city of amazing architecture, cosmopolitan living and an inspiration to the designs of others is the birthplace of CONSNOVA. Our management team at CONSNOVA has some of the worlds finest buildings and design techniques at our fingertips. As one of the largest Capital Cities in Western Mediteranean Europe, Barcelona offers CONSNOVA the finest knowledge available in the art of building design and construction.

Perunian EngeneeringPerunian Engineering has international recognition and Perunian Engineering has international use the most outstanding performance. Our engineers use the most advanced techniques for designing building structures avanced techniques for designing building structures. As a resust we offer solid and strong buildings.

Scope of activity CONSNOVA mainly focuses its business activities in Spain, Peru and the Dominican Republic and in the not too distant future, Brazil. The selection of countries is based on an exhaustive study of the economic characteristics of each country and its growing potential. CONSNOVA keeps commitments to respect and integrate into the communities where they operate.

CONSNOVA BARCELONA S.A.C. • Avenida Jesús de Nazareth, 312 • Urbanización San Andrés • Trujillo • La Libertad • Perú
TeL.: RPM: #965 808 952 // #947 029 269 • info@consnova.com • www.consnova.com